Yoga & Meditation

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Every Saturday from 10:00am to 12:00pm

(“A union of Mind Body and Spirit” – Iyengar)

I am pleased to inform you that at Asian Centre we have organised Yoga Yoga & Meditation - Satclasses  every Saturday. Details of the classes are follows:

Venue: Asian Centre, 8 Caxton Road, Wood Green, London N22 6TB

Contents: Yoga & Holistic Health therapies

Recommendation: Please wear loose clothes and refrain from eating at least two hours before the session

Charges: £5 per session

Parking facilities: Asian Centre has its own car park. You can also park in some of the side roads on Saturdays.

Why You Should Join these UNIQUE Classes: This is an unequalled opportunity for you to transform your lives by adopting a healthier lifestyle in an enjoyable way and get into the world of Yoga and Naturopathy! These classes include elements of complementary therapies such as Reflexology and Indian Head Massage. The preventative and curative health benefits of Yoga and the complementary therapies include: stress reduction, increased fitness, weight loss, and detoxification of the body at a cellular level. If you follow the techniques on a regular basis, they will help you to go through a Yogic process of rejuvenation called “Kaya-Kalp” over a period of time.

Powerful breathing techniques and meditation conducted during the classes will help to open up your arteries and veins, increase the blood circulation and detoxify the body a t a cellular level. It will help to increase the level of oxygen in your body and brain. Its curative and preventative health effect will help to benefit people suffering from obesity, diabetes, arthritis, high blood pressure and cancer. The antioxidant effects of the powerful techniques experienced and learnt through these classes is believed to reverse the aging process!

Previous knowledge is not necessary: Everyone will be taught on a one-to-one basis to ensure that they have mastered the techniques taught in the classes, irrespective of age or skill levels. All the equipment including Yoga mats, wooden meditation stools and almond oil for facial massage will be provided by the centre. Meditation stools will enable the participants to sit in the meditation pose with comfort and ease.

To book your place email:

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