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Far From the Western Front: South Asian stories of the First World War

An exhibition about the experiences of South Asian men and women during the First World War, researched and curated by volunteers.

5 – 13 November 2016, Royal Geographical Society
South Kensington, London

15 November 2016 – January 2017, Karamel Gallery
Wood Green, London

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Drama, Directed by Tom Begley

7.30 pm , Friday 6 May 2016

at the Asian Centre

2016 marks the centenary of one of Ireland’s most significant historical events, the 1916 Easter Rising. The Rising sparked the flame which led to the creation of an independent Irish Parliament, Dáil Éireann in 1919, the War of Independence and subsequently the creation of an independent Irish State.

‘RISE’ takes an intimate look at some of the characters involved in propelling their country in to a new era.


Rise 01 final


Please contact Asian Centre Office to book the tickets on 0208 889 6938,




Women’s Support Group

The Asian Centre’s Women Support Group is a group to socialise and discuss issues affecting women of all ages in our local community. This is a group where our members can share their interests, knowledge and opinions with others.

We will be having a Women’s Support Group Forum on the 14th December 2015, at 11:00am – 12:00pm. It will be held at the Asian Centre. This will be an opportunity for us to discuss any ideas that you have for our group.

Women's Support Group Flyer - Dec 2015

Member’s Meeting

We at the Asian Centre would like to thank all of you who attended our Member’s meeting on the 2nd October 2015. We would like to thank those of you who showed an interest in our new WW1 heritage project, ‘Far From the Western Front’.

Nepalese Earthquake Appeal

The Asian Centre would like to thank all of those who have contributed to the Nepal Earthquake Appeal.  We thankyou for attending our fundraising event on Saturday 30th May 2015 and making it a success.  Over 200 people attended.  Music was provided by the 1st Naumati Baja Gulmi UK band and there was a night of Nepalese traditional dancing.  We would also like to thank Catherine West, MP for Hornsey and Wood Green and many other councillors for attending.

With your help we have a raised £3,001 which will be sent to the Nepal Embassy to help victims of the Nepalese earthquakes.
We appreciate the donations of all of you members who have given generously for this cause.

1st Naumati Baja Gulmi UK band  and Dancers

1st Naumati Baja Gulmi UK band and Dancers

Information Seminar – Domestic Violence

On the 30th June 2014, an Information Seminar about domestic violence was given. Charities that offer support for those affected by domestic violence such as DVIP, Victim Support and Solace Women’s Aid gave a presentation. The presentation was about the services that are available for victims of domestic families who may be women, children or men.

DVIP highlighted the issues surrounding domestic violence which may be because of immigration problems, translation difficulties or the possibility of losing Children because of a difficult marriage. DVIP stands for the Domestic Violence Intervention Projection. It is an organization which works with all Women and Families of all types of backgrounds but has a support group especially for the Arab Community. The organization offers a Tool-kit called Al-Aman to reduce the effects of domestic violence. Support workers are available for those that speak Arabic so that translation is unnecessary. This is particularly helpful for those who do not speak Arabic. DVIP aims to raise awareness of domestic violence within Arabic communities while working with local community organization to improve the help offered. The Al-Aman team has more than 20 years of experience in helping families affected by abuse and domestic violence.

DVIP also works with perpetrators of domestic violence who realise that their behaviour is a barrier in their marriage and would like to change. The ‘Domestic Violence Perpetrator Programme’ is a programme which offers violent and abusive men the opportunity to develop and change their behaviour. The programme is available to all cultures regardless of ethnicity, class, sexuality and disabilities.

Solace Women’s Aid is an organisation that offers women the opportunity to leave an abusive partner of family. Founded in 2007 for the boroughs of Camden, Islington and Enfield, Solace offer an advice line, legal support and counselling as well as services for children. Domestic violence includes abuse which may be emotional, psychological, physical or financial. Abuse is often through control and manipulation and help is given to women to recognise abuse and reduce the harm of domestic violence. Abuse affects 1 in 4 people in the UK and is the largest cause of death in Women aged 19-44 worldwide. Welfare and financial support is given to women who are given a choice to leave their partners or families. Women are also give accommodation and re-housed outside of the borough where their abuse happened by a Case Worker and a Family Support Worker.

Victim Support also attended the Seminar. It is an organisation that has over 40 years of experience in working with women who have been affected by crime and abuse. It is an independent charity for victims of crime and supports victims through the legal process if they have experienced GBH, Assault or homicide. Victim Support also offers help for those who have not reported a crime and helps 1.5 million people. Practical and emotional support is given face-to-face or through a helpline. Help may be given to victims who may need an injunction to keep themselves and their children safe.

If you are in need of support and advice from domestic violence contact:



DVIP: 020 7928 4813

Victim Support Logo

Victim Support: 0845 30 30 900


Solace Women's Aid Logo

Solace Women’s Aid : 0808 802 5565

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SOAS – Making Home Exhibition


Ugandan Exiles Logo

Making Home was curated by Photographer and Artist Sunil Shah. It documents the migration of Indian labourers who worked in British East Africa during colonial rule. This documentation is about a generation of colonial rule and the difficulty in obtaining independence. This exhibition is about the life stories of Ugandan Asians and the impact of Idi Amin’s expulsion of all Asians in 1972.

The expulsion of Asians in Uganda has been archived by SOAS through interviews and art.

Making Home presents a fresh and compelling new narrative reflecting the lives of a community now settled in the UK for 40 years.’ – ‘Making Home’ Exhibition

The exhibition opened on 31st April 2014, 6:00 -8:00pm at the Wolfson Gallery at SOAS, University of London. It runs until 22nd April 2014 when there will be a closing event, screening and panel discussion.

Address: Wolfson Gallery

SOAS, University of London

Thornhaugh Street

Russell Square



Tel: +44 (0)20 7637 2388

For further information:


Information Seminar – Kidney Care

On the 3rd April 2014 the Asian Centre had a Kidney Care Seminar about the kidneys, what they do and how they function. The Seminar concentrated on the kidney’s health benefits and how donating a kidney could help to save lives. The aim of the Seminar was to raise awareness about kidney disease indicators and identify those who are at high risk.

The Seminar was given by Kidney Research UK to inform us about the importance of being a kidney donor.  Kidney Research UK is the largest charity committed to researching into the causes and prevention of kidney disease. Currently, dialysis or a transplant is the only cure for kidney disease. Kidney Research UK relies on the funding of donors to save lives.

A question and answer session was also given by Green Wood Pharmacy in Wood Green. Attendees had the opportunity to test themselves for high blood pressure and diabetes.

Watch a video about Kidney Research UK:

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1947 Partition Archive

The 1947 Partition Archive is a people-powered non-profit organisation dedicated to documenting, preserving and sharing eyewitness accounts from all ethnic, religious and economic communities affected by the Partition of British India in 1947.

We are pro-actively seeking and collecting video and audio testimonies of eyewitness accounts of the 1947 Partition as well as pre and post-partition cultural memories from all affected communities.

We are also collecting written testimonies from relatives and/ or friends of survivors who are no longer with us.

If you have a story to share and would like to be interviewed, or have us interview a friend or relative, please get in touch.

Contact: Behzad Ahmad


Tel: 07830 297990

See a volunteer’s recount of an Interview:

See a video about the Founder of the 1947 Partition Archive:


Breast Cancer Awareness Day

“Take control of your health” – presentation by Breast Cancer Care

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in UK, with around 55,000 people diagnosed every year, so it’s important to look after your breasts by being breast aware.  We are pleased to inform you that in collaboration with the registered charity Breast Cancer Care, we had organized a Breast Cancer Awareness Day event.  Details of the workshop were as follows:

The breast awareness workshop:  It covered the following:

The Breast Awareness Workshop
The Breast Awareness Workshop
  •   Breast awareness and why it is important
  •   Importance of early detection
  •   Screening programme
  •  Question & Answer session

There was also information stands by NHS and HAGA (Haringey Advisory Group on Alcohol) on various health topics including Diet & Nutrition and Healthy Eating.

Wishing you continued health and happiness!

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