Kintner’s fellow lawmakers railed

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Kintner’s fellow lawmakers railed against him Tuesday in response to public outrage over his online posting, the latest in a long history of inflammatory statements. (AP Photo/Nati Harnik). That’s roughly 15 percent of my income that comes out of pocket before my health insurance even kicks in. This “affordable care” would cost me about $150 a month, and I’m having a hard enough time even putting away $100 a month into my savings account when you take rent, a car loan, groceries, gas, heat, and phone bills into account.

Keep your eyes and ears open for special offers. (Check to see if your favorite eatery has any!) And if you see a great price on something you use a lot (and won’t go bad), buy a bunch!SuperTarget and Wal Mart Supercenter locations have grocery departments with some great deals (especially in the clearance section).

Expect to pay 2 to 3 times as much over basic “deck” screws. If your budget is tight you can use “premium” deck screws in lieu of stainless. You have to consider how and where you will be using the karaoke machine. If you are just going to use it for family fun or parties at other people’s house, make sure that it is sturdy enough and very portable.

Now the previously repayable loan of $40 million will be forgivable if the company can verify that equivalent amount of taxes is being paid by Nova Scotia Power as a result of energy purchases under the proposed new tariff. The province will forgive no more than what is paid to the province in taxes, to a cap of $40 million, over a maximum of 12 years, according to the province announcement..

I don mean this in a trolling way; I shop there too when pressed for time, and always feel cheap jerseys guilty that I not cooking with more ecologically minded foods when I do. But I think we need to look holistically at our food buying decisions rather than just feeling good about ourselves and guilt free (again, this is not at you specifically, but rather to America overall) when we bring a reusable bag for our groceries.

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