HWLD Project


Healthy Ways – Longer Days (HWLD)

Healthy Ways – Longer Days (HWLD)  – A holistic approach to healthy living and wellbeing. The overall aim of the project is to improve the health and well-being and reduce the life expectancy gap for people across the wider community who are over 40 years living in the East of the borough.

HWLD aims to educate and support people in the prevention of developing serious health issues and raise awareness to encourage earlier diagnosis of health problems. It encourages better self management of existing health problems and promotes ways of lengthening life expectancy.

Some of the activities to encourage healthy eating include healthy cookery courses. HWLD will organise two conferences a year specifically addressing healthy eating and weight management issues with seminars and representatives from various sectors including weight loss (e.g. Weightwatchers); complementary therapies (e.g.  Ayurveda) and fitness.  There will also be a Healthy weight management programme for families. CAP will run regular physical activities such as walking, yoga, chair-based exercise, keep-fit classes and dance classes at the Asian Centre in Caxton Road and other outreach venues.

Information Seminars

Information Seminars about diabetes, blood pressure, heart disease, cancer awareness etc. We have monthly talks by experts and practitioners from the NHS, British Heart Foundation, Diabetes UK and other organisations about how to prevent and manage medical conditions affecting the community. Information seminars are followed by a Q&A session and is given. Benefit from our links with various charities such as Victim Support, Macmillan Cancer Care and DVIP. Admission is free for all members of the public.



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