Advice & Resource Links

The Asian Centre aims to deliver health and social activities for everyone in the borough of Haringey. We have a variety of classes and workshops for people of all ethnicities who have social, psychological and physical needs. We pride ourselves on the links that we have built with various health and care organisations.  These links are essential in building a better community where our community can access advice and support.

To find out more about social care and health, see our links below:

* I need social care for adults…

                                * How do I live with a heart condition?

      * Are you at risk of diabetes?

                      * How do I live with cancer?

* I want to improve my health, what are the government health initiatives?

                      * How healthy is Haringey? Find out Haringey’s health statistics for 2014.

               * How is my child’s health affected by living in Haringey.

* Suffering from a mental health problem?

              * Do you know anyone who suffers from alzheimer’s?

* Do you have a mood disorder; depression and bipolar?

              * I know someone who has suffered a stroke. How do I access help and support?

                                 * I need good advice…

            * How do I live with arthritis?

* How do I live with Parkinson’s?

           * How do I know if I have prostate cancer?

                       * Do you take care of your psychology?

* Having problems coping and need someone to talk to?

     * How to care for your mental health and access support.

* Worried about the effects of aging?

        *Have a child who suffers from cerebal palsy?




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