Youth Projects

Ummah Active ( Active Community) is a project for young people 13 to 19 years. We aim to provide a safe, warm, well equipped meeting place accessible to young people from the community of Wood Green, Tottenham and the rest of Haringey. Ummah Active intend to give young people the opportunity to participate in personal and social development activities including football, cricket, martial arts, drama, music, and voluntary action.

We have set of programmes, related to core values and principles which supports young people���������������s development in citizenship, sports, employment and personal and social development, including through residential experiences and peer education.

We work with young people aged 13 to 19. We encourage young people and adults to get involved in our service so we can ensure our programmes meet local needs and are what young people want.

Current Programme:

Wednesdays : 4pm to 5.30pm – Indoor Games (Asian Centre)

10am to 1pm     –  Outdoor  Fitness & Sports
6pm to 7.30pm – Football (Chestnuts Park)

Sundays: League Match

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