Ugandan Asian Exiles Project

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2012 marks the 40th anniversary of the expulsion of the Asian community from Uganda and resettlement in
the UK. The Exiles project is a 14 month project that will explore the heritage of Ugandan Asians to recognise
the anniversary and celebrate the cultural contribution of the community and to create resources enabling
audiences to learn about this under-reported aspect of London’s heritage.

The project will work with young people and volunteers from the Ugandan Asian community to research
record and create a community archive documenting the Ugandan Asian heritage from their time in East
Africa to the modern day.

Heritage and media workshops will be run at The Asian Centre Wood Green providing training in heritage and
supporting the young people and volunteers to work with the wider community to build the archive and select
material to create 40 digital stories and a touring exhibition presenting the history and experiences of the
community from the origins of the Asian community in Uganda through resettlement in the UK, to the lives of
the third generation in the present day.

Heritage workshops will be complemented by 10 community lunches/suppers at The Asian Centre Wood
Green and 10 similar community events in London engaging with both the wider Asian and non-Asian
community in the heritage in the building of the archive and the exploration and understanding of the heritage.
The project will be led by The Council of Asian People and run at The Asian Centre Wood Green in
partnership with Amphora Arts. Young people and volunteers recruited to the project will work with heritage
professionals to gain heritage skills, research collections and create the exhibition and digital stories in
collaboration with: The Royal Geographical Society, The National Archives, London Metropolitan Archives,
and the Museum of London and KIngs College, London and will include Anniversary events as part of the
South Asian Literature Festival run by Amphora Arts.

The project will also work with the heritage institutions to create learning packs on the heritage that can be
used in formal education and hosted on the institution education web pages. The digital stories will be created through intergenerational community sessions supported by Collage Arts at The Asian Centre Wood Green with additional training and support from Digitales (Goldsmith University) to provide an accessible media for learning about the Ugandan Asian heritage. The completed stories will be made available on social media including YouTube and through partner websites.

The project will culminate in the launch of the 40 stories and exhibition at a half-day conference at the Royal
Geographical Society. The exhibition and stories will then tour schools, colleges and community venues in
London widening engagement with the heritage and providing community learning opportunities.
The resources: learning packs, stories, exhibition and website content will be managed beyond the project by
The Council for Asian People and amphora Arts to ensure continuing access. The archive material will be
deposited as a collection at The London Metropolitan Archive.

CAP is in the process of recruiting 20 volunteers to work with the project and networking with the community members to be part of the project.

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