Haringey Women’s Project


Haringey Women’s Project is a community project to connect with and empower disadvantaged groups such as women, people with learning disability and house-bound elderly people.

The Haringey Women’s Project is run by volunteer women from different ethnic backgrounds.

Haringey Women’s Project through a network of volunteers organise and conduct a programme of activities to empower women by providing support sessions for developing confidence and skills to access volunteering, employment and learning opportunities. These participatory sessions address issues related to physical and mental health, healthy living habits and parenting skills. The project also runs healthy cooking sessions for women with learning disabilities to promote independent living as well as befriending visits and coffee morning for isolated, house-bound elderly people.

The activities are  organised and delivered by dedicated and skilled volunteers who encourage and recruit new volunteers from the participants. Volunteers are trained as Community Health Champions, who help  transform health and well-being in their communities. They empower and motivate people to get involved in healthy social activities and sign post people to relevant support and services.

Haringey's Womens Project Core Group



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