Inter-Generational JUKE BOX

In the show we will meet elders of the community, born in , worked in Africa and London, now retired. Hearing their stories of the memories music evokes, from migration to loss. Loss of loved ones, loss of hearing, loss of memory pitted against the personal freedom that comes with loss; as well as the need to fi��nd a new family.
Woven through these stories, young people tell us about their attitude to music and living in London. The show will be a mix of dance including Bollywood, Reggae and Rap. The play will also use ��lm to underscore the narrative in a delicate thread of sound, music, dance, storytelling and reminiscence.

The stories were collected over several months of conversation and interviews with the participants, in particular Champak Tailor, Indulal Thaker as well as Hansa Shah, Amrita Shah, Anthia Alexion and Rahul Ebrahim. The show will last approximately 50 minutes with no interval.

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