Day Care Centre

Haringey Asian Day Care Service was set up in 17th October 1997 for elderly, people with long-term illnesses and the disabled, where careers speak appropriate languages and understand the cultural needs of the clients. It provides a safe and friendly environment to address the individual and groups’ needs with appropriate advice to improve the quality of life of the clients.

Aims Of The Service

 Haringey Asian Day Care Service benefits older people who:-

  • are able to contribute to and benefit from a rehabilitation or enablement programme, or
  • are in need of recuperation in order to regain strength and skills, or
  • require longer-term therapeutic opportunities enabling them to maintain their level of independence, or
  • have carers who require a break from their caring role or
  • are required to be in a safe and secure day time environment to sustain their ability to remain in their own home for as long as possible
  • are in need of general and specific monitoring to promote health and to sustain well being
  • will benefit from being occupied and engaged in a range of activities


Our committed staff and volunteers are key to this invaluable service we provide and are always:

*      Flexible and tolerant

*      making time to listen, have regular chats, and enjoy being with the users.

*      showing affection in a way they both user and staff feel comfortable with


HADCS provides a range of activities for the users such as Keep Fit Classes, Reflexology, Ayurvedic Massage sessions, Day trips and activities such as cinema visits and shopping.  In addition to this, and most importantly users are provided with a healthy meal each day.

Day Care operates from Monday to Friday 10am to 3.30 pm. Please contact the office for the cost and the care plan.

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